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Deck sealing protects and preserves your property

Deck sealing is an important process that can extend the life and enjoyment of your beautiful deck as well as protect the investment you’ve made in this important part of your property.


The deck sealing process:

  • Assessment of your deck’s condition. We begin with a thorough inspection of your existing deck’s physical condition. Then we repair any areas that show signs of mildew, UV damage, or rotting.
  • Prepping your deck. Next, we’ll clean your deck to prepare its surface. We’ll remove all the bad stuff that has accumulated over the years: dust, dirt, any oil or grease, soot, mildew stains, and other impurities that may be present. This gives us the clean, working surface we need.
  • Sealing your deck. Finally, we apply a seal specifically designed and formulated for outdoor wood protection. A well-applied seal will prevent water damage and will help sustain the beautiful natural color of your wood. In addition, it will discourage future mildew and UV damage.

Call or email and we’ll come to your location, check out your deck project, and give you a quick and painless no-obligation estimate.

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