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Deck building is one of our favorite projects for a number of reasons:

  • The pleasure it gives our clientèle in their beautiful, new outdoor setting.
  • The extension of space for activities, events and celebrations.
  • The increase in value to a property.

Our structurally-sound decks with long-term treated lumber are the foundational components. Add to that some amazing aesthetics, and you’ll be enjoying your deck experience for years to come!

Here are some types of decks for you to consider:

1200px-Backyard_deck 500px-WResidential decks. Typically a deck is:

  • a wooden platform that’s built above ground with a connection to the main building.
  • enclosed by a railing for safety.
  • accessible from the home through a set of doors and/or from the ground by a series of steps.

The beauty of residential decks is that they can be constructed over steep areas or other rough, uneven terrain that is otherwise unusable.

Observation decks. An observation deck, observation platform, or viewing platform, is essentially an elevated sightseeing platform. The unusual terrain in the Tri-State Area encourages even greater creativity and potential for observation deck building. Views from …

  • high bluff areas overlooking the Mississippi River,
  • overlooks of beautiful rolling hills and green valleys, or
  • cottages and cabins at river’s edge

… are just a few examples of some amazing vistas that are possible in the area.

Roof decks. While a roof deck is better known in urban areas, it’s a trend in outdoor living that you may want to consider. This deck structure, built atop an existing building roof provides unique, extended space that’s suitable for both commercial and residential buildings.

Call or email and we’ll come to your location, check out your deck project, and give you a no-obligation estimate. 

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Photo credit: JDoorjam
Backyard deck” by en:User:JDoorjamOwn work.
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